We are a creative marketing solutions firm that delivers creative communications efficiently, ultimately driving action.

We’ve been growing brands for 16 years.

Healthcare is all about science. Your brand is worth the highlight because of its science.
Cure by MCI delivers healthcare communications right.

From research and finding the appropriate journal entry for your brand

to reading of trial results and translating it into understandable messages

to integrating creative themes to hook your audience

We are the only firm in the country that does prescription communications effectively from scratch.

Our Process

From ideation to execution, we turn pain points into touch points. 

We provide end-to-end digital solutions to brands helping them grow in terms of influence, revenues, and market share.

We are the cool nerds.
We create real brand experiences.
We are the agency that truly connects.


Mad, creative and inspired in every campaign;
Our brands grow with us year-on-year
revenue-wise or in market share.

Traditional Comms: Research and Content Development

Effective communications is our core value. Scientific understanding, medical reading & writing are our core strengths.

We’ve been helping prescription brands communicate efficiently to HCPs & Institutions for over 15 years. From research, medical writing, to content development up to building reference packs - we do it all too well.

Development Lead time: minimum 5 working days

Traditional Comms: Detailers

Detailers, brochures, literatures -- different terms but same material.

In the world of healthcare marketing, a detailing material remains as the main source of product information. MCI Cure has been creating detailers for the past 15 years and you can be sure that we know what we are doing. We understand the science of your brand.

Development lead time: minimum 5 working days (traditional); minimum 20 working days (HTML-based)

Traditional Comms: Patient Materials

Healthcare professionals are not just our target audience. Speaking directly to patients is also part of a healthcare campaign, helping them be more aware of their condition, how/where to get help, and what questions to ask.

Development lead time: minimum 5 working days

Digital Campaigns: Social media campaigns

The pandemic taught us how important it is to have an online presence. Through social media promotions, we are able to reach out to customers at home.

Online health campaigns lead to awareness, curiosity, and even company recall.



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