MCI, formerly known as MarketConnect Inc., is a full service creative agency that delivers strategic communications to brands.

Founded in 2006, MCI focused its first 9 years of existence in Ethical Advertising. Our portfolio is primarily comprised of Healthcare brands and the agency works heavily with Pharmaceutical companies. MCI continues to grow this expertise in the field of healthcare communications in the Philippines up to this day.

As MCI expanded further, on its 10th year we started launching our digital line via product launches of health and wellness brands. These campaigns are all launched digitally, penetrating the local market in the most efficient manner possible at the time.

We continue to uphold our principles of the 3 Rs: Relevance, Relatability, and Realism. We do digital right and efficiently and that’s where the competitiveness comes from.

We connect the dots and integrate digital channels and efforts of our clients to ensure a seamless digital experience for their consumers. We continue to grow and foster an agile culture, empowering team members day in and day out. We have seen talents bloom in their advertising careers. And we continue to strive everyday for a more creative and smarter tomorrow.


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